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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet Me There

This path is painful
A detour into darkness
Old roads are impassable
Somewhere there must be light
God has not met me here
Maybe He will meet me there

This road is rutty and lonely
Others call for me to join them up on their paved roads
Not realizing this is my road to walk. To crawl.
To be on till I find the end
God does not meet me here
Maybe He will meet me there

This way is confusing
Progress requires stillness, lostness
Forward is backwards through a tangled maze, not a straight line
Somewhere this dark suffocating road
Must open wide to a beautiful golden field
Where there is life

God I know you won’t meet me here
In the darkness, in the loneliness
But if I make it out to where there is life
Will you meet me there

And if You do decide to meet me there
Can you help me understand
Why you stayed far away during my sorrow
Why you came back around in the light