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Sunday, November 27, 2016

I Want To Know

I want to know
How this life
Is hurting you

I want to know
Your strategies
For getting through
Tough days

I want to know
How you cope
With knowing
That many
Of your dreams
Won’t come true
I want to know
The hard stuff
The true stuff

I want to know
What is breaking your heart
And shaping your soul

I want to know
The good things too

The things that come easy
The things you are eager
To share

But not more
Then I want to know
What shame you carry
And the story of
Your scars

I want to know
Too much
It’s true

I really
Just want
To know you

Sunday, November 20, 2016


There are days
That I face
This wild world
With courage

Days I walk tall

Though holding
The full weight
Of my pain

Days I am amazed
By all

That I am

And there are also

Days like

When I just need
To sit here
And cry

Friday, November 11, 2016

What I Mean

The return
Of a certain
Intensity of tone

The recognition
Of behaviors
Once subdued
With medicine

The every so often
Letting myself wonder
What my life
Would have been like
Without this

Knowing exactly
The steps I could take
To have that life

The acknowledgement
That a brain once broken
Is forever fragile
Always in need of

This is
What I mean
When I say
Mental illness is
Never over
Never easy

This is
What people
With brains
Never broken
Just don’t

I Honor

I honor

The damage done
The dreams left behind

How much
It all
Still hurts

I do not wait
For validation
From those
Who have decided
That my pain is over

I only smile
At their presumption
That pain like this ends

I honor me

I honor my pain
I honor my losses
I honor my sacrifice

I honor my survival

I honor my efforts
To rebuild this life
From the rubble

I honor my spirit
Which though broken
Still remembers
How to soar


I will not fear

The changing seasons
My changing body
The changing of my mind

I will listen
When my life whispers

It’s time
For something

And smile
At life’s invitation
To become
Something new


I’m sorry
Someone told you
That you didn’t
Have a voice

Convinced you
That your thoughts
Didn’t matter

Encouraged you
To be quiet
And watch others
Speak their minds

I’m sorry
No one told you
That your ideas
Could change the world

That your thoughts
Are so much brilliance

That your ideas
Shine like gold

I’m sorry for
What someone
And no one
Told you

They were wrong

You presence matters

Your voice is needed

And it would be
Such an honor
To hear it