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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shared Authenticity

Letting people into my world
Leaves me wide open
For heartbreak
For punches to the soul
And punches are thrown
Punches that sound like
       You could have done better
       You shouldn’t believe that way
       Didn’t you expect this
       It’s not so bad

Letting people into my world
Also leaves me wide open
For healing
For deep connection
Healing words heal punched souls
Healing words that sound like
       You did your best
       It’s Ok to question
       Life is unpredictable
       It can get better

Authenticity and vulnerability
Being who I am
Letting people into my world
Is always a risk
A risk that
Opens me up to pain
Opens me up to healing

Authenticity for me
Is rolled out in stages
Sharing who I am
With people who can take it

The more they can take
The more I will share

The less they want to know
The less I will share

But the less I share
And the less that is shared with me
The more distance there will be

Because inauthentic relationships
Exhaust me

And authentic relationships
Fuel me

Amazing to me that
Authenticity breeds authenticity
Vulnerability is sometimes rewarded

And regardless of if
It is shared or hidden
Pain is present in everyone
And sharing pain is risky

But there is strength
In shared authenticity

Strength like no other strength
Strength stronger than the pain
Strength that comes no other way
Strength that reminds me
Why the risk is worth it