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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pitch In

Three weeks
And so much rain
Since the lawn
Was last mowed
How does grass grow so fast
And has it always
I’ve never paid attention

Harder now to cut
Than if I’d just kept it up
Requiring a few passes
To make it presentable

Me with the lawnmower
Frustrated with my lack of ease
Him with the weed whacker
Frustrated with his lack of vision

Then a neighbor
There with his lawn mower
“I thought I’d pitch in”
Beautiful words

Now two lawnmowers
One weed whacker
Getting it done

Two lawnmowers
And he took the hill

Two lawnmowers
And as I finished the front
He cleared a path out back
A path I rarely give attention to
A luxury

And as I mow
I replay the words
I thought I’d pitch in
Over and over
And think yes

That is exactly what helps
Not someone
To do it all
Just someone
To pitch in
Come alongside
Take the hill now and then

Let me know
I’m not alone
Let me know that
Hills can be conquered

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