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Friday, November 29, 2019

People Who Want To Be Heard

People who want to be heard
          Speak their hearts openly
          Hoping to be understood
          And they also
          Shoot up buildings in blind rage
          After years of feeling ignored

People who want to be loved
          Selflessly sacrifice for another
          Give of themselves freely
          And they also
          Stay way too long in relationships
          That don’t give them what they need or
People who want to be seen
          Push vulnerability aside
          Show up and stand out
          And they also
          Steamroll over others
          Take credit that should be shared

People who want things
Go after them
In different


There are
So many
And one piece of information
That I don’t go to church
Used to assume
Everything else
About me

The assumption that
Because our beliefs differ
Yours must be right
And mine must be wrong

That my refusal
To speak for Jesus anymore
Using outdated interpretations
Must mean you are holy
And I am lost
The assumption that
Because I think of God differently
I am far from God
And you are close
      Yet here I am
      Tucked in close
      Beside God
That because I dump love
On the world
With no hidden agenda
Other than presence

I am doing
A disservice
To humanity

When your assumptions
Your requirements
Your stringent set of rules
That keep everyone out
Except you

Just might be the biggest
Of all