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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Let The Healing Begin

Let healing come
To us all
And soon

Let it wash over
What is broken
Within us

Let it surround us
And hold us

Let it come
With lightness
And help us rise

Let it find us lost
And lead us

Let it make
Our divided
Spirits whole
Let it heal
And warm
Our souls
From within

Let the healing begin


How Do We Live Life Knowing

How do we
Live life knowing

That everything we love
Can be taken from us
In an instant
Without cause
Or regard

Without so much
As leaving
Anything for us
To blame

How do we
Live life knowing
That our children
Might develop
Terminal illnesses

That our most
Important relationships
Could end abruptly 
On any given day

That our beloved pets
May die tragically
Or of old age
Either way, too soon

That our lives
Could end randomly
As we walk
To the store
To buy milk

How do we
Make a life
Knowing well
The risks of life

Some say  
We go on
Because life’s joys
Outweigh life’s pains
I say
It depends
Who you are

Yet still
There is something
Special about life
That keeps most of us
Willing to live it
Keeps most of us
Walking through bravely
Open to the joy
Ready for the pain

Sunday, January 22, 2017


Each of us
Uniquely broken
Into pieces
That leave in us
Our life’s calling

Diverse in purpose
But not intensity

And though I admit
I am often
Fully consumed

Life deep in the causes
That my own broken heart
Has led me to

Each time I lift
My tired eyes

I am overcome with awe
At the sight of my sisters
Living their own callings
Just as deeply
I see us weary and driven

I see us not giving up

I see us

Changing this world
With our passion
And our pain

And I am happy
To do
My part

The callings around me that inspire me now…
Breast cancer awareness
Cannabis reform
Disability / Inclusion
Dog rescue
Mental Illness awareness
Racial equality
Women’s Rights

Saturday, January 7, 2017

I Woke Up Today

I woke up today knowing without doubt

That I have something to offer this world

And I always have
Why haven’t I know this with such certainty before

My task now

To find

What is stopping me from offering

The best of me to this world

Whatever it is, I will move it

Offer up my best self freely

And give myself permission

To be exactly who I am

And who I have been all along

A Part

A part of me
Died with him
Forever now
Attached to his soul

Forever with him
Wherever he may soar
Just as
A part of him
Lives on in me
Forever now
Attached to my soul
Forever with me
Wherever I go

Forever apart
Not a chance

Forever a part
And always

What Our Hearts Love

Think of how
Our lives would be
If we could find
What our hearts love
And do it