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Friday, July 26, 2019

Listening Is

Listening is

Creating space
For others
To talk in detail
For as long as they need to
About their splinter
While you
Sit across from them
With broken bones
Listening is
Having something to add
But purposely refraining
Because the other person
Needs to talk
More than you
Need to be heard

Listening is letting someone
Tell you how they feel
Without telling them
How you feel about
What they are telling you

It is
Sitting quietly, patiently
For half hour, an hour, or more
While someone shares
The big and small details of their lives
And not being asked
Any details
About yours

It’s attempting to interject
Into a conversation
That has required your full listening ears
A tiny portion
Of what you want to share
Only to find  
That the other person
Isn’t listening
It is the realization
That others
Consider you
To be an endless reservoir
For their stories and their pain

Unaware that you struggle
To find ways
To fill your own cup

Listening is sacrificing
What you want
To give someone else
What they need

Listening is rare
Because it is hard
And we are all
So hungry
To be heard
Is so

And still
It is worth it
Every time

Monday, July 8, 2019

How To Change The World

Be interested
In others
Ask with intent to listen
Listen with intent to learn

Slow down
And show people
That they matter
Give your time
And attention
Away freely
Care about
And for

The people
That cross
Your path

Walk toward
And not away from
Their pain
Nurture them
With kind words
And presence
This is how
To bridge
The distance
This is how
To change
The world 

Heart Breaks A Little

How you do it is
Your heart breaks a little
Every day
Some days less
Some days more
But daily
It breaks

You gather up
Your brokenness

With your brokenness
You rise

Come Around

No discussion
No intent
To understand
Just do you
Believe yet
Exactly as
I do

And if not
I don’t need
To know more

But I will
Check in
Again later
To see
If you’ve
Come around