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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It Just Rains Down

Shit rains down
On all of us

Not because of our choices
Not because of God’s discipline
Not to build character
Not for a greater good
Not to fulfill God’s plan

It just

And stays as long as it wants
And damages whatever it can
And changes everything we know

Welcome to life

I can kind of get used to
The shit part

But I refuse to
Get used to
The shallow reasons part

Sure the rains
Can be made worse by choices
End up building character
End up helping many
Sure all those things

But that doesn’t
Change the reality
That many times
It just

Yet still some say
It’s not really raining
But it is

And still others say
It’s raining flowers
But it’s not

It’s raining hard and
It’s raining shit

And I am
Helped most
By those who
Simply acknowledge
That it’s raining

And least
By those
Who make up reasons
For the rain