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Friday, November 29, 2019

People Who Want To Be Heard

People who want to be heard
          Speak their hearts openly
          Hoping to be understood
          And they also
          Shoot up buildings in blind rage
          After years of feeling ignored

People who want to be loved
          Selflessly sacrifice for another
          Give of themselves freely
          And they also
          Stay way too long in relationships
          That don’t give them what they need or
People who want to be seen
          Push vulnerability aside
          Show up and stand out
          And they also
          Steamroll over others
          Take credit that should be shared

People who want things
Go after them
In different


There are
So many
And one piece of information
That I don’t go to church
Used to assume
Everything else
About me

The assumption that
Because our beliefs differ
Yours must be right
And mine must be wrong

That my refusal
To speak for Jesus anymore
Using outdated interpretations
Must mean you are holy
And I am lost
The assumption that
Because I think of God differently
I am far from God
And you are close
      Yet here I am
      Tucked in close
      Beside God
That because I dump love
On the world
With no hidden agenda
Other than presence

I am doing
A disservice
To humanity

When your assumptions
Your requirements
Your stringent set of rules
That keep everyone out
Except you

Just might be the biggest
Of all

Thursday, September 26, 2019

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone
In this world
Without the loved one
You’ve just lost
You are filled with her love
Surrounded by proof
Of the beautiful life
Lived together

Shaped by shared experiences

It feels lonely now
Having her with you differently

Learning to sense her presence
In new ways

Ways that once they happen
Might feel like
Oh yes, that makes sense
There you are

Thank you
For finding
A way to walk
With me here

I can’t yet
Walk with you

Start With Compassion

Whatever the topic
However important your point
Whatever your heartfelt belief

Be it about
The healthiest way to eat
Or the best person to vote for

If you don’t start
With compassion

If you devalue
Another human

If you mock

If you behave
In ways
We put our 4th graders
In time out for
If you are cruel

If you lack respect
And basic awareness
That another
Well thought out
But opposite opinion
Your words
Lose validity

Your well thought out opinion
Isn’t received

Words yelled back and forth
Never land

Mid air

I think
We can all
Do better

People Like Me

People like me
At attention
Intently listening

I’d like that too

People like me
To be there
For them

Even if
It robs me
Of being there
For me
People like me quiet
Yet as I age
I’m finding
That I have
A lot
To say

I’m finding
That I like me

And now that I’d like
To speak

I’m finding it hard
To find people
Who listen
Who offer attention
Who remain quiet

I’m finding it hard
To find people
Like me

Journeys On But Not Asked For

For the things
That break
Our spirits

For the way
Life goes

For journeys
On but not
Asked for

May peace
Still find you

Friday, July 26, 2019

Listening Is

Listening is

Creating space
For others
To talk in detail
For as long as they need to
About their splinter
While you
Sit across from them
With broken bones
Listening is
Having something to add
But purposely refraining
Because the other person
Needs to talk
More than you
Need to be heard

Listening is letting someone
Tell you how they feel
Without telling them
How you feel about
What they are telling you

It is
Sitting quietly, patiently
For half hour, an hour, or more
While someone shares
The big and small details of their lives
And not being asked
Any details
About yours

It’s attempting to interject
Into a conversation
That has required your full listening ears
A tiny portion
Of what you want to share
Only to find  
That the other person
Isn’t listening
It is the realization
That others
Consider you
To be an endless reservoir
For their stories and their pain

Unaware that you struggle
To find ways
To fill your own cup

Listening is sacrificing
What you want
To give someone else
What they need

Listening is rare
Because it is hard
And we are all
So hungry
To be heard
Is so

And still
It is worth it
Every time