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Sunday, June 2, 2019

My Hope

My hope
As I leave places
That have shared themselves
With me
Is that
I’ve left something
Of value
There too
At the very least left
An abundance of kindness
And gentle companionship
In that place

So that
It’s clear
We are one

All pieces of each other

Spread widely

Yet connected

And whole


When you lead
With your heart
Your heart
Brave and open
Can be hurt
Can be humbled
To sometimes
Find itself wrong

Yet also can be
A wise and steady guide

When you lead
With your head 

Your head
Measured and logical
Can be distant

Can be sensible
But rigid
In its perception

Yet also can be
A wise and steady guide

And we need it all

Our heart’s callings
Our head’s cautions

Different doses
In different seasons
Or equal measures

Both though
To guide us well

To show us the way

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Over It

My Sunday mornings
Look different
Than yours
I pray
In ways
You don’t recognize

I don’t
Use the words
That assure you
I’m “in”

My life
No longer meets
Your approval

And I’m over it

Because my soul is full
My heart is at peace and
I live true
And as we each walk
In the direction
Our hearts lead
Perhaps someday
If there is interest

We can share the stories
Of our journeys

Things learned
On unique roads

That otherwise
Would never
Be known

Monday, April 1, 2019


It happens subtly
Sometimes takes years

Things get too tight


Things no longer fit

And must be
Given away
What’s been outgrown
Must be
Left behind
So there is space
To breathe

How Tender

How tender are
The hearts
Just below the surface
Of those
Who are strong

How strong are
The souls
Just below the surface
Of those
Who are broken

How tender and
How strong
The hearts and souls
Of us all

Sunday, January 20, 2019

This World

As we go
About our days
In this world

We are
Ever aware
Ever vigilant
We look both ways
Before crossing
One-way streets

We consider the likelihood
That a mass shooting might unfold
While we shop for groceries
We scan for exits
Upon entering rooms
With an urgency
Once reserved
For first responders
We do these things

Life is  

While at the same time

Life is
Needing us
To live it

Saturday, December 1, 2018


When needs
Are routinely met
When a life
Is well cared for
With warm clothes
And kind words

When the outlook
On the horizon
Is hope

And the view 
Over the fence
Is a gentle field
Of wildflowers

There is
A certain license
And freedom of agency

An unearned
Though not underserved
A breath of air bestowed
That frees up the energy
To dream
And laugh
That frees up internal space
To plan
And get ahead of
Life’s curves

And the lives
Of others
With piled up

Unmet needs
With noses pressed up
To the fence
And no boost up
To see over it
With energies spent
On the daily work
Of self-preservation
May be good
But not nearly
As sweet

And this is how life goes

We have paths
That offer us different tools
Ask of us different things

And we become
Who we are
Because of them


I have found it

The antidote to
The ever present emptiness
The striving for approval
The longing for acceptance
To the figuring out
New ways to earn

In both
Its simplicity
And delivery

It is this

It is looking into

Your own eyes
And approving

It is acknowledging 
Your weaknesses
And accepting

It is offering  
Your currently flawed self

It is realizing
That you are worthy
And always
Have been

Saturday, October 27, 2018


Please let us
Keep talking

If we must

Keep sharing our words
Sharing our worlds

Keep hearing
Each other’s
Because it’s the silence
That denies

And the silence
That is literally
Killing us
But it’s our words
However clumsy and
Awkwardly formed

That bring us
The warmth of

And point us
In the direction
Of life