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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Floated Down The River

I don’t
Speak words
Of comfort quickly

My thoughts
Need time
To form
More content
To create words
On paper
To be floated
Down the river
And eventually
Catch the wind
That blows them
Into the lives
Of those
They are truly
Meant for


When tears

When hearts

When bitter life
Comes round

I love

I can offer
To catch
Some tears
Can offer

Can give
The soft presence
Of companionship

To sit
Alongside pain

Without pretending
To take
Its place 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Strong Medicine

Mercifully there is
Strong medicine
For those nearing end
Of life

Making it so
Those we love
Aren’t in needless
Physical pain
As they die
I only wish
There was
Pain medicine
As strong 

For those tending bravely
To their dying

For those staying present
During last days

For those brokenhearted
Left behind 

Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Girl Who Makes It

I am the girl
Who makes it
Who carves
Her life
From stone
With just a chisel
And her will

Who recreates herself
On the fly
Because that
Is what survival

I am the girl
Who goes
Through hell
And is

I am


When I die
I do not want  
A casket or a stone
I went a bench
Somewhere out
In the world
With a view
That is calm

Solid and simple
Kept up and comfortable

A bench
That welcomes
All people
To rest

A bench
That people bring
Their troubled joyful
Souls to
I want for them
A place
To stop

To mark
A moment

A decision
A time

A bench

Where people
Can be still

And savor
This brief life
It’s gone

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Roads I Did Not Choose

When I see around me
Those walking securely
On roads I did not choose

Roads that I
Did not know existed
And wouldn’t have thought
To choose for myself
If I did

My wounded pride
Sits heavy

My long road
Narrows, darkens
I wonder why
I didn’t chose better

Why I didn’t
Think myself
Of more 

Monday, March 26, 2018

Most Things

Most things
In my life
Are a little broken
My home
My budget
My heart

Whole once

Then collapsed

Then rebuilt slowly

Imperfect now
Because they were
Once destroyed
Stronger though
More cherished
Having once
Been broken

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You Deserve

You deserve
To be around people
Who cheer you on
Who support your independent decisions
Who value your contributions
Who trust your wisdom
Who are not silent
During your successes
Or your sorrows

Who are
First in line 
To congratulate
Or console
Who invest in you
With time, help, and kindness
In a ratio
At least close
To what you
Invest back
So if you find yourself
Around those
Who are aloof to your presence
Show little interest in your life
Stay silent when they could support

Move along
These are not your people
But your people do exist
And they are waiting
Just down the road
With open arms
For your arrival

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Fresh Air On My Face

I need
Fresh air on my face

Breathing room in my life

A way to step aside
And get a sense
Of where I am

Of what life is asking of me

And what
I am asking
Of myself

If It Happens Here

If it happens here
And I find myself
In an unthinkable circumstance
Survival unlikely
Unable to escape

My plan is very clear

I will look around me

I will lay down beside
Those who are not able
To move

I will make sure
That no one within my reach
Dies alone

Make sure the last thing they feel
Is an arm around them
Words of peace in their ears
Sure you can take my sense of safety

You can take my hopes for peace

You can take even my life

But you cannot take
My humanity

And if you leave in me
Any life at all

I’m going to give
The very last of it away

As a reminder
Of what most people
Are made of

Sunday, January 28, 2018

It’s The Little Choices

It’s the little choices
And small decisions
Made quietly
Over time
That change the world

It’s the time taken
To form thoughtful opinions
Paired with the flexibility
To change those opinions
That keeps us
In forward motion

It’s the discipline
Of tedious practice
Mundane and colorless
Done alone
With precision
That make it so
That critical shot
At the free throw line
Looks effortless
As it goes in

It’s the efforts unseen
That show themselves
Through us
To the world