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Thursday, July 25, 2013

How Do I Explain My Life?

How do I explain my life? 
How hard this is. Everyday.
How there really aren’t good days yet, just days that are less hard
How it is easier than this time last year but still so very hard.

My life is made up of pain. My life is made up of love.

Pain is: When he sleeps through my birthday
Love is: An invite to a raw food party on that very same birthday

Pain is: Another hospitalization
Love is: A sweet raw food chef keeping me company during that

Pain is: Nothing for Christmas
Love is: An unexpected dehydrator on Christmas Eve and a call on
            Christmas morning while he was still sleeping (why
            wouldn’t he be sleeping)

Pain is: Sitting in my driveway extra long after work because being
            home is not appealing
Love is: Having plans to be out with friends during the weekends 

Pain is: Coming home to “what’s for dinner” though he is home all
            day are you serious
Love is: Talking to others who know the pain of doing it all

Pain is: Deciding everything…which invites to accept, what we do,
            where we go, what we eat
Love is: People that invite me out and decide where we are going
            and what we are doing

Pain is: Doing things that are good for him though I’m tired and
            he’s not thankful 
Love is: When people do the same for me

Pain is: Horrible memories that go deep and hurt bad
Love is: Being shown a way to make the memories fade away

Pain is: Wondering if he will be alive when I get home
Love is: Being reminded that I can only do so much

Pain is: No vacations in the recent past or foreseeable future
Love is: Unexpected simple good days

Pain is: Living with a spouse who hates life
Love is: Opportunities to laugh and live life

Pain is: Making hard financial decisions alone   
Love is: Working out a plan that gets us back on track

Pain is: Vaguely remembering what it was like not to be in pain
Love is: Signs of progress

Pain is: Not being able to feel deeply because feelings require
            energy and I’m fresh out of that
Love is: People who don’t mind that I don’t have a lot to give right

Pain is: No motivation. No plans. No conversations. No opinions.
Love is: Someone else doing the planning and caring needed to
            make tandem biking a reality 

Pain is: Waiting to see if medicine will work and watching for signs
            that it doesn’t.
Love is: However many days we get with no side effects or signs of

Pain is: No music in the house unless I sing it, no laughter unless I
            bring it, just nothing here
Love is: Anyone who brings music or laughter to my life in any
            form at any time

Pain is: Intentionally creating a life separate from him because life
            with him is not bearable
Love is: Any time he acknowledges something other than his own
            life, his own pain

Pain is: Always asleep before me and not up when I leave in the
Love is: All it took to get him into a program that gets him up in the

Pain is: “I love you” to his sleeping forehead each night whether he
             hears me or not
Love is: When he surprises me with a compliment or asks about my

Pain is: Hurtful comments from people who don’t understand pain
Love is: Kind words from people who do understand pain

Pain is: Is this my life and how long can this go on
Love is: The ones who I know will be there no matter what life is for
             however long