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Sunday, June 17, 2018

The Girl Who Makes It

I am the girl
Who makes it
Who carves
Her life
From stone
With just a chisel
And her will

Who recreates herself
On the fly
Because that
Is what survival

I am the girl
Who goes
Through hell
And is

I am


When I die
I do not want  
A casket or a stone
I went a bench
Somewhere out
In the world
With a view
That is calm

Solid and simple
Kept up and comfortable

A bench
That welcomes
All people
To rest

A bench
That people bring
Their troubled joyful
Souls to
I want for them
A place
To stop

To mark
A moment

A decision
A time

A bench

Where people
Can be still

And savor
This brief life
It’s gone