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Monday, March 26, 2018

Most Things

Most things
In my life
Are a little broken
My home
My budget
My heart

Whole once

Then collapsed

Then rebuilt slowly

Imperfect now
Because they were
Once destroyed
Stronger though
More cherished
Having once
Been broken

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

You Deserve

You deserve
To be around people
Who cheer you on
Who support your independent decisions
Who value your contributions
Who trust your wisdom
Who are not silent
During your successes
Or your sorrows

Who are
First in line 
To congratulate
Or console
Who invest in you
With time, help, and kindness
In a ratio
At least close
To what you
Invest back
So if you find yourself
Around those
Who are aloof to your presence
Show little interest in your life
Stay silent when they could support

Move along
These are not your people
But your people do exist
And they are waiting
Just down the road
With open arms
For your arrival