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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fine Line

When did the path
Get so narrow
The line I’m walking
So fine

It used to be
I walked in
Wide open spaces
With no regard for
Placement of feet
Twisted ankles

Now I walk
A very fine line
Offering no margin
Little room for error
A game of balance
Demanding concentration
To stay on track

In the open spaces
There was just forward motion
I could walk, run, skip
Cartwheel when desired

On the fine line
There is one small step
Then another
Only walking
And sometimes
Just standing
In place

In the open spaces
No instruction

On the fine line
Many rules for

Rules Like

Communicate love
But protect yourself

Show empathy
But don’t expect it back

Support next steps
But don’t condone poor choices

Live a strong life
Even if others don’t

Look ahead
But keep an eye on the past

But not if others are too sad

Fine line you are tiring

I want to fall off you
And just live free again

I miss the cartwheels