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Thursday, July 25, 2013

No One Ever Tells You

Be in the world but not of the world
Love the sinner, hate the sin
Nice sentiments
But no one ever tells you
What this looks like
In real life
In real relationships
In real churches

Just a constant
Repeating of rules that say
Keep your distance from this world
But love it intensely
And while you are loving it
Be sure to judge it
And by the way don’t love anything
You haven’t come to a conclusion on
And unless it’s for the purpose
Of changing them
And don’t love too fully
Those who walk a different path
Because that
Would look too much
Like compromise

No one ever tells you
How to love while you are judging
How to love from a safe distance
Probably because
Judging and distance keeping
Are not very compatible
With loving

No one ever tells you
Just love
And don’t worry
About the rest

That seems
To be something
You just have to tell

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