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Thursday, July 25, 2013

God Thing

I pause lately
When I hear anyone say
“It was a total God thing”
And then go on
To describe
A situation
In which every last detail
Was worked out flawlessly
Every potential obstacle
Overcome with no effort

Heard it recently
When a friend described
Traveling with multiple bags of luggage
Filled with needed supplies
Bags filled with just enough donations
To fill but not exceed bag capacity
Bags that weighed in just a fraction
Of a pound below the weight limit
Bags that there is no way
One person could maneuver alone
Bags that the person not once had to carry
Because strangers randomly
Showed up to help
All along the way
Described as a God thing
Totally ordained by God

But what about the person
Who bought most of the donations herself
Because others didn’t share
Her passion for the mission
Whose bags were 5 lbs over capacity
Resulting in a last minute scramble
To rearrange weight loads
Sprawled luggage all over the airport floor
What about the person
Who had to lug every last bag alone
For the whole trip
To get it where it needed to go
Is it still ordained then

Is it still a God thing when it’s difficult

Or is it that
Whenever it’s easy
It’s from God

And whenever it’s difficult
It’s from God
But part of a plan
That no one understands

I don’t know what it is really
Not quite sure
How to reconcile my crankiness
On this one

Other than to think

If God works through people
To get things done
When people come through
That could be a God thing

And if God works through people
To get things done
But people don’t come through
Worthy things sometimes still get done

And that things still get done
Despite people
As well as through people
That might just be a God thing too
In the weirdest kind of way