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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It Catches Me

It catches me
Off guard
To hear comments like
Now that this year is over
You can let it go
Move on

Spoken by kind people
Who don’t understand
That it can never just be
Let go
Cut loose
Never to be thought of again

No more than you can
Let go of
A piece of you
A heart
A soul

I don’t think
It is possible
Or wise
To let go
Of what has shaped you

These days
My efforts
Aren’t spent
Letting go
But holding close

Moving things around
In my soul
To create in myself
A safe place
Where pain can land

Because this thing
That has changed me
Must be
Given its space

As a contributor
Yet still
Part of
That makes me
Who I am

Artwork by the amazing Kelly Rae Roberts