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Sunday, October 25, 2015

One Life

We have
This one life
Then it’s done

We walk it
With these people
At this time

This spouse
This family
These friends
These neighbors
This group
Of coworkers

Then it’s done

So what
Do we want it
To be

Here’s what I
Want it
To be

More arms wide open
Each other
As we go

More deep talks
Because you
Are important
To me
And I care
About the details
Of your life

More how
Can I make
Your day
A little easier

Less I
Am ashamed
About the pain
In my life

Less I am scared
To ask for the help
That I need

Less I don’t feel
I am ever

More living
Our one lives

So no one
Has to go it

Always Going To Be

I'm always
Going to be
A little

That's what happens
When things

They change forever

Even after
They are glued
Back together
In one

They are different

Maybe a little less reliable

Maybe a bit more disappointing
Just for the fact
That they no longer are
What they were

But I haven’t disappointed me

I’m forever proud
Of who I am

Forever respectful of
My broken places

Forever owning
What is painful
And cracked

Going to be
A little broken

Yet forever always
To be me

Sunday, October 18, 2015

I Live Here

I live here

Way beyond
It’s going to be OK
Right at
This is how it is

Miles from
I consider it pure joy
Exactly abutting
This sucks though I’m living it best I can

I live here

Where when heartbreaking things happen
It is ok to say
My heart
Is broken
Instead of
This is for my good

Where it’s reasonable
To say
This hurts

Without trying
To assign blame
Or any reason
Other than
Life just

I live here

I don’t just exist here
I’m not just passing through

I live here

And it would be nice
To have
Some company


Monday, October 12, 2015

If I Go To Church Again

If I go to church again

I will walk
Through the door
Knowing what I believe

I won't again
Walk into a church
Unsure of my beliefs

Hoping someone there
Can help me
Figure them out

I will come in whole now
And the church will be a tool
For living what I believe

I won't come in broken
Asking to be shaped
Expecting a fix

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

If I Prayed

If I prayed
I wouldn't pray
For God to fix
A situation

But I would pray
For God
To fix

If I prayed
I wouldn’t pray
For God to stop
Life’s ebb and flow

But I would pray
God help me handle
What goes on here

I’d pray
Don’t fix the world
Fix me

I’d pray
Don’t change the world
Change me
Make me strong
In this world

And I will go out
And change it