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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Just

It’s just a disability
And there are plenty of disabled people
Who adapt to loss
And figure out how to go on

It’s just mental illness
And there are many people (I think?)
Who learn to manage it well
And move forward

It’s just a reordering of beliefs
Or whatever questioning everything is
And there are plenty who have wrestled through questions
And come out on the other side just fine

On their own
None of these seem
Like they’d bring
This depth of pain
For this length of time

Or maybe they would
But from where I stand now
The thought of
Dealing with just one
Instead of all three
Would be a welcome relief

But together
They are triple strong
A force with so many moving parts
The pain is always fresh

Hard for people to understand
That it’s just a couple setbacks
But together they add up
To so much more
Than that