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Monday, June 20, 2016

Time of Mourning

Is a time
Of mourning

A time
For feeling
The loss of people

All they were
All they would have been
All they will not now
Have the chance
To be

The loss
Of a false
Sense of safety
The loss
Of the world
As we wanted it
To be
So much simpler
To blame
Than to feel

But today please
Let’s not
Today please
Let’s be still
And feel
Our unspeakable losses

Our individual life changing losses
Our collective world changing losses

Let us feel them
Let us mourn them
And someday

Let us heal from them

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Raised In Fear

I was raised in fear
But I won’t live
In fear

I will live
My life

Clear viewing distance
Of what scares me

Instead of tucked
Deep within
The walls
Of safety

I won't pretend
That fear
Isn't powerful

But I will
Remind fear
That I
Am powerful too

I was raised in fear
But I won’t live
In fear

I will honor
The life
I have been given

And in the midst of
And in spite of  
All there is
To be afraid of

I will
Find the courage
To live bravely
And well

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Tour Guide

I think
What was hard
When people
Tried to comfort

Was that
They tried
Too hard

They felt pressure
To say
It would all
Be ok

When it wasn’t
And wouldn’t
Be so

They felt compelled
To take the lead
On rebuilding
My old life
When I
Had to build  
Something new

They become tour guides
Intent on quickly
Walking me through
The pain

When the truth is
You can't guide anyone
Quickly or slowly
To a place
You haven’t been

And who is willing
To provide company
On a dark journey
They cannot lead

Who is willing
To be a fellow tourist
On a trip
With no tour guide
Through the heart
Of hell
Who is willing
I will tell you

Not many