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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

It's Tougher Now

It’s tougher now

Takes months to pay off
What used to take no time

Decisions are more measured
Planning more careful

But this particular loss
I’m not alone in
Not by a long shot
Not in this economy

I just have less patience for it
Because it comes at a time
When not much else
Is going well

It’s hard to explain
How crappy it feels
To think of missing
My grandmother’s 90th birthday
Because travel costs are too much
Because I’m out of vacation time
Because now there are too many details
To work out

Hard to explain but not complain

Because I think I know
It’s just a season
A long miserable season

And I appreciate
The things that I do have
At a time when I could very well
Have nothing

Organic food to eat – my treat to me
A place to work out - for free
Bills paid on time - every time

These things make me happy
Give me some measure of peace
While I wait out
This season

But the season is long
Peace is hard to come by
And there is just no denying
It’s tougher now