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Monday, November 27, 2017

Spread Good Widely

In the middle
Of this
Sometimes threatening
And always unpredictable

Though control
Over what comes next
Is not ours
To have
Though life may end
Too early

And unexpectedly
And in ways
More painful
Than can be
May we continue
To spread good
For no reason other
Than that
This world
So badly
Needs it

Thursday, November 23, 2017


Our identity starts
With the families
We are born into
They are the first
To tell us
Who we are
And what we are good at

Show us our place
As they see it
In our family
In our world
Our identity
Is further shaped
By our friends

And it’s good to have so much shaping us

It’s good to have a mirror

It’s good to have who we are
Reflected back to us
So we know
What to change
What to keep

But lately
I’ve been wondering

At what point
We stop
Inviting others
To tell us who we are

At what point do we say
Thank you for the input
It has served me well
But I now have
Within me
A sense
Of who I am

And I
Will take it
From here

Water the Plants

I don’t want a life
So filled with distraction

That I forget
To water
The plants

Forget to nourish
Another life
Because I’m so busy 
Rushing mine

I want to relish
Watering the plants
Cooking complicated recipes slowly
Reading for hours with a dog by my side

I want
A life
That reminds me
To live
A life that sends
Wake up calls
In the form of
And dogs
A life that thrives
With thoughtful attention

To all the small
That make 
Our time here

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Shots Fired

Shots fired
With intent
To end the lives
Of those hit

To deeply wound
The lives
Of witnesses and loved ones
Who remain

Souls lost
Resting now
In a peace
The shooter

Did not know

And what peace
Can there be
For those
Who remain
In a world stripped
Of the illusion
Of protection
No answers from me
Just the question
What peace
How peace
And if we
Find the path
To peace
Once again

Could we show
Each other
The way 

Let Myself Remember

Mostly I move forward
Walk gently
Live open
Without fear

Despite all
That I
Have been through

But on this day
I stop

I let myself remember
All of it
Every painful detail

On this day

I allow myself
To feel
The full depth
Of what
I lived through

I do this
To honor
To show my pain
Well deserved

I do this
Because I survived
The unthinkable

I did that

I made it

And while I’m
Not one
To sit and dwell

This day
Is sacred

Set aside

To let myself
The pain

A difficult practice
Perfected in solitude

That also
Reminds me clearly

Of my strength