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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Is There A Place

Is there a place
Where nothing
Is required

Come as you are
Feel what you feel
Honor the pain
Honor the past
Honor the unknown
Honor the showing up

Just be
Who you are
At the moment

Just be

And if there is not
A place
Like that
Why not

Someday maybe
I can be
That place
A bridge from here to there
For as long as needed
Till the broken
Get where they’re going

Someday maybe
I can be that place
But right now
I just need
That place

A place
Where it’s fine
To be sad
And messes
Are allowed
To be messy
A place where everything
Confusing and painful
Can be dumped
In a pile
In the middle
Of the room

And stay there
For as long
As it takes
To get it