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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Some Healing To Do

I still cry
When I recall
How sweet life was
With you

I’ve still got
Some healing
To do

And I know now
From experience
That such things
Take time

I know now
That healing
Will come
When it will

Will sneak up on me
As I’m watching
The flowers bloom
The seasons change
The children grow

Still forever
I’ll carry you
Close in my heart

I’ll be in awe
Of the joy
That you brought
Forever I will let
The tears fall
When they will
There just isn’t
Any other
Way through
I’m still learning
How to live
Without a piece
Of my heart

I’ve still got
Some healing
To do

Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Things That Time Built

I miss
The things
That time built

The comfort
That comes only
From living
Years of life

The shared experiences

The learned rhythm
Of play and rest

The we
Are certainly
A family

I miss the things
That time built

Precious things

Not quickly built
And because of that
So deeply cherished
So terribly missed

For Noble, 7/8/2004 – 7/25/2016


You are not hurting
You are not afraid
You are not sick

You are not worried
You are not lonely
You are not confused

You are not angry
You are not unsettled
You are not uncomfortable

You are not feeling abandoned

You are not any of these things

I am these things

You are at perfect peace
Bathed in love
Content with rich memories of a blessed life

And because you are these things
I will do my best
To be them too

For Noble, 7/8/2004 – 7/25/2016