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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Would You

Would you serve God
          When your loved ones are healed
Worship God
          When carried through life's storms
Trust God
          When your cries for help are answered
Love God
          When miracles brighten your future

And would you serve God
          When loved ones suffer long and die
Worship God
          When not carried through life’s storms
Trust God
          When there is no answer to your pain
Love God
          When miracles don’t come

Easy to say
How you would respond
Before you find yourself
Blocked from moving forward
By a wall of pain

Not until
Things go wrong
And stay wrong
Does it becomes clear

If you can’t trust God
No matter how it ends for you
Something is wrong

Something has to change

Something more is needed 
Either a new God
Or a new understanding of God

And neither choice
Is easy