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Thursday, July 25, 2013

It's Not Intentional

It’s not intentional
Happens so subtly
Deceptively, quietly
The result of no effort
This thing we fall into
This way we do church
The groups we align with
The questions we stuff away
Because no one else is questioning

We find God
Or God finds us
And we like that feeling
Like the embrace of that
Like being brought from darkness to light
So much so that
We don’t stray back into darkness
We don’t venture back out into the unknown
To test it
To see if our theories hold up
Forgetting that what is meant to stay
Will stand up to any test

God finds us
And we invite him in
But then we add to God
And there gets to be

So much stuff

So much wrapping and bows
Layer upon layer of bubble wrap
Between us and God
Put there by us
As a wall of protection around us
Around God

So much stuff
That we can no longer get to him
No longer hear him clearly
We hear only muffled sounds
Which we use
To make clear conclusions
About God’s intentions
About God himself

It’s not intentional
But it’s lazy
And it’s not a good way
To know God