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Thursday, July 25, 2013


I believed a lot before
But what I believed
Had so many loose ends
Unresolved parts
Pieces that didn’t fit

So I set those pieces aside
Outside of the puzzle
Because adding them to the puzzle
Would have messed up
The only picture
I could see starting
To take shape

But those pieces
That I ignored
Were always part
Of the puzzle

Those pieces
Were always necessary
To complete the picture

And the picture
That is forming
Is nothing
Like I thought it was

So now I believe a lot less
But I believe it more

There will always be pieces
I can’t connect
But all of the pieces
Are important now
Not separate or extra
Not something to set aside

All of the pieces are there now
Stray pieces are everywhere
And the picture is still incomplete
And that’s OK
Because I feel no more pressure
To finish the puzzle

That was never my job

My job was only ever
To gather up
The pieces

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