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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


You are everywhere
In so many lives
In so many forms
For so many reasons

Loss of security
When everything around
Turns from
Solid ground to

Loss of simplicity
When even the smallest
Next step
Requires strategy

Loss of the familiar
The feeling of home
Replaced with
The feeling of being a guest
In your own life

Loss of a strong better half
No longer strong or better
Still half
Yet somehow for now
Less than half

Loss of conversation
About anything of substance
God, Life, Future
True loss for a couple
Not practiced
In small talk

Loss of shared dreams
Leaving one to dream alone
Till the other re-learns
How to dream

Loss of the luxury
Of leaning on a partner
Because any leaning
Might knock him over

Loss of being sure
Of anything
Except the need to
Live in mystery

And just
When you have finished
Naming each
Of your own

There are the losses
Of those around you
To name

Loss of ideals
Loss of uncomplicated living
Loss of relying on
Anyone else
To get things right

Loss of thinking
That getting things right
Will protect
From loss
Because eventually
Loss finds

You are everywhere
But lately it seems
You are a lot
Around me