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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Over It

My Sunday mornings
Look different
Than yours
I pray
In ways
You don’t recognize

I don’t
Use the words
That assure you
I’m “in”

My life
No longer meets
Your approval

And I’m over it

Because my soul is full
My heart is at peace and
I live true
And as we each walk
In the direction
Our hearts lead
Perhaps someday
If there is interest

We can share the stories
Of our journeys

Things learned
On unique roads

That otherwise
Would never
Be known

Monday, April 1, 2019


It happens subtly
Sometimes takes years

Things get too tight


Things no longer fit

And must be
Given away
What’s been outgrown
Must be
Left behind
So there is space
To breathe

How Tender

How tender are
The hearts
Just below the surface
Of those
Who are strong

How strong are
The souls
Just below the surface
Of those
Who are broken

How tender and
How strong
The hearts and souls
Of us all