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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fault Line

I thought
I had distanced myself
Far enough away
From the fault line

Refused to do things that

I didn't agree with or understand

Rejected philosophies
That made me cringe

Worked around the non essentials

Held my ground
Something that always made me feel
A little less than
But no matter
I held my ground

So it's kind of shock
A sad thing to learn
That the place I had set up camp
Was not nearly far enough away

Still too close to the fault line of
Fear based, one sided
Know it all religion
Complicating my view of God

Wasn’t for lack of trying
To get far enough away
That’s for sure
Been trying my whole life

But I guess not enough things
Made me cringe
Like they should have

Still way too close to the fault line

And I didn't realize it
Until the ground shook
And the earth cracked open
And sent me flying
Once again