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Monday, March 31, 2014


I am
A little tired
Of thinking
So hard

Trying to figure
It all out

Going to
Sit back now
And just let
This story

As it will
In its time

Right on schedule
No rush

Not going
To lose sleep
That the messes
In my life
Are pushing me
Off the true course
Of my life

This is the course
This is my life

As it will

Good Company

I crave
Life livers


To walk beside
Sometimes as a fellow traveler
Sometimes as a guide

Good company
Either way


Walked Alone

For anyone
Who has
Walked alone

Traveled a long way
Down a lonely path

Lost God
Through no fault
Of your own
And had no idea why

I just wanted
To say

That also
Once happened
To me

It can happen
And I don’t yet
Know why

One day
I might figure it out

But for now
Just wanted
To say

I’ve been there
It can happen
And it’s hard


If you walk
With people
In pain

There’s a good chance
You’ll see

Open wounds
That are not pretty

On their bodies
In their souls

But walk with them still

Don’t leave them
Alone with their

Just walk with them
And see what they see

And that just
Might be enough

Sunday, March 23, 2014

That God Loves

Could God
Love someone
Like me

His attention
My way

So many songs
I hear lately
Ask this
In different

But I
Don’t ask that

If anything
I ask
How could God
Not love
Like me
Intentionally made
In God’s image

God’s handiwork
God’s design

In the same way
I’m not shocked
When parents
Love their children
Beyond reason
Without condition

I’m not shocked
That God loves
What He created
Beyond reason
Without condition

In fact
To be honest
I rather
That kind of love

Almost feel
Entitled to it

And maybe
That is
As presumptuous
As it sounds

But while
I am sometimes

About the ways
God shows love
About how God
The love
He has

That God loves
Is not something
I question anymore
At all


How much
Does it
Matter really
If we’ve read
Through the Bible
In a year

If we can quote
Full chapters
From memory

If we know
The Hebrew root
Of whatever

How much
Do such
Bible heroics
Matter really
If we aren’t
Even reading
It right

If we
Create meaning
Where there
Is none

If we
Skip over
The parts
That hold

If we don’t
Get the meaning
I think
Not much else matters
At all

Sunday, March 16, 2014

When Pain Comes Close

When pain comes close
When it settles in deep
It’s not something
That can be
Shaken off easily
Discarded at will

Settled in
Can only be
Picked up
And carried
Brought along
Through life
Until the weight of it lifts
Until the bulk of it
Disintegrates almost
Leaving only its shell

A forever reminder

Of a journey made
Of wisdom gained
Of pain survived

Sunday, March 9, 2014

A Little Restless

I am
A little restless

A little restless
To feel well

A little restless
For things to look forward to

A little restless
For work that energizes

A little restless
For hope

A little restless
But also
A little trapped

The greatest
Of combinations
For me
Right now

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Traces of Brokenness

If you listen
It is there
You can hear it
All the ways
We are broken

Painfully clear

Traces of brokenness
In us all

All of us broken
In different ways
By different things
At different times

All of us broken
The only question
Is how much
Of our brokenness
We will share

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