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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

That I Take me

Where I go on Sundays
Doesn’t matter

What matters is
That I take me

The real me

The me with honest opinions
That others might not like

The me with wisdom
That comes from experience

The me that owns her beliefs
Even if people judge

The me that can say
I don’t have an answer for that right now
The me that says
The Bible is not that simple
No apologies

The me that is un-crushable
Confident in my confusion
Nothing can touch that me

The me that doesn’t assume
Others are more right
Because they are not confused

The me that knows
How much she doesn’t know
But knows plenty
About what matters

The me that can’t even tell you
The books of the Bible
In order
Because I refused
To learn the
Sunday school song
That would have taught me
How to impress the world
With my ability to find Haggai
So quickly

Even then
I didn’t like
Things that made you look holy
Rather than be holy

The me that is never going to read
Through the whole Bible
On a one year reading plan
Or any plan
Because I don’t think
That sounds fun
Or would help me
Understand more

The me that has no interest
In unraveling all of the Bible’s mysteries
Because the minute there is no mystery
Something is wrong

The me that is
And Ok with that

This is the me
I’m sticking with
This is why
What people think of
My faith or my journey
Doesn’t matter

This is why
Where I go on Sundays
Doesn’t matter

What matters is
That I take me