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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


The church
Is often viewed
As a container
A holding place for answers
Locked down
With a lid

But it’s not
A big enough

Life in this world
Is the container
And it’s not containable

When did
The church decide
It was a place for answers
Instead of questions

When did
The terms of helping
Get tied to unspoken orders
Never let beliefs budge
Force suffering to budge
When did
Helping others become
A one way transaction
Never letting the broken expand us

When did
It become OK to think
That when questions can’t be answered
They should be minimized

When did
Pain become something
That is always resolved
Never leaving a permanent scar

I think
Such conclusions
Are inevitable

When the answers
To life’s mysteries
Must be constructed
Using only 
Pieces found
A locked container