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Sunday, October 30, 2016


There are days
I sense
An unsettling
Within me

Times I listen
And hear weeping
Deep inside

And if someday
You should hear
These same sounds
Within you

Know it’s only
The sound of
Your soul’s tears

Only the sound
Of the hurt
You’ve endured

Only the sound
Of a soul
Growing strong

Only the sound
Of a lived life
Of the world
That’s around
And within her

Sounds of courage
Not to be ashamed of
Or feared

For these are
The sounds
Of sacred roads traveled
And brave journeys survived

Eyes To See

I wonder sometimes
How I missed
The signs
That pain
Was surely

I look back
With sadness
At my open hearted

Amazed that

I didn’t
See any of it

I didn’t yet
Have eyes
To see

We don’t fear
What we don’t know exists

Only later
Once bitten
Do we look at jaws
And tremble

Only once
We have survived
A loved one’s journey
Into mental illness
Do we hesitate
In the presence
Of warped logic

We don’t fear
What we don’t know exists

We take no precautions
Against what we don’t know
Can hurt us deeply
And change us

Sunday, October 16, 2016

I Am Shaken

I am shaken

The world
Is burning down
Around me

Of my people
Are suffering

And I cannot

Because I
Am suffering

I do not have
The strength
Required of me

I can only
Crawl myself
To safety
And beg
For rest

Because the world
Is burning down

And if I don't
Find a way

To calm
My spirit
And center
My soul

I will
Burn down

Sunday, October 9, 2016


I was
Not taught

I was taught

And safely
I lived

But then
I got curious

Which made me feel afraid

And though
Fear rose up
To crush curiosity
I stayed curious

And I came to realize

That my safe living
Was a sign
Of compromise
Not success

That the choices
I had made
From fear
Were not
Choices made
With logic

So I have
Parted ways
With safety

And invited
To stay

I was taught safety

I taught myself curiosity

And learn daily
The lessons
Of both