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Monday, December 26, 2016

Built Strong

Sometimes people build
Relationships around
What they are

United by
A common enemy

While others build
Relationships around
What they are

United by
A common cause

It’s an interesting way
To build things

Different than
Building relationships
Around mutual growth
And shared discovery
So that someday
When our opinions
About what
We are for
Or against

The relationship can survive
Because it’s built strong
From the inside

Not based on what
We are for
Or against
Based only on what
We have learned
About each other
Based only
On who
We are

Sunday, December 11, 2016

What Are We Going To Do About Peace

And what
Are we going to do
About peace

When we won’t even listen
To each other’s stories

When we don’t even care
That others have a story to tell

When we don’t ask
What people carry deep inside

What are we going to do
About understanding

When we aren’t
The least bit curious
About anyone else’s life
When we don’t
Exert any effort
To see life
Through another’s eyes
When we don’t  
Care to consider
What it might be like
To wake up every day
And walk through this world

Suicidal, every day looking for a reason to live

Gay, in a world that judges you as less than

Filthy Rich, figuring out that money doesn’t buy peace

Disabled, having to figure out how to get the most basic tasks done with dignity

Republican, wanting only to protect the ways of life you hold dear

Anxious, terrified of the world around you to the point of losing breathe

Dirt Poor, looking out at those who have enough, wondering what on earth you did wrong

Democrat, because nothing good has ever trickled down into your life from big government

Christian, struggling to reconcile a religion that has huge gaps in logic

Manic, knowing the thoughts in your brain can’t be trusted

In Recovery, navigating a world of landmines and temptations

My God
This is so sad

What are we going to do about peace
If we don’t truly care about each other

If we won’t consider
Another’s view
Or care to learn
Its origin
Truly when
Did we get
So caught up
In ourselves

And what
Are we going
To do about it