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Sunday, May 31, 2015

To Anyone Who Wonders

To anyone who wonders
What it feels like

To live out beliefs
That differ
From the masses
But perfectly match
Your own

To take
A deep look
At long held
And decide
To change
Your mind

It feels mostly brave

And sometimes lonely

And also ironic

To be close to God
And judged as not

But mostly
I have to say
It just feels good
To be free

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Nothing To Be Learned

Any time
We decide
There is nothing
To be learned
From someone else

A barrier is built
Where a bridge
Should be

Any time
We decide
What we have
To offer
What someone else
Might contribute

We forfeit
An opportunity
To gain depth

We limit
Our potential
For growth

We miss
Sweet opportunities
To open
Ourselves up
To the world

And find
Our place
Within it

How The World Would Be

I wonder how
The world
Would be

If we gave
Each other
Some space

If we
Looked on
With admiration
As people
Worked out
Their beliefs
With fear
And trembling

And actually
What they found
Along the way

I wonder how
The world
Would be

If we simply
The journeys
We are called to

And stopped trying
To orchestrate
The endings
To journeys

That we
Are not
Even on


When reactions
Are unexpected

When anger
Is intense
Or denial strong

It only
Makes me wonder
What it is
That’s being

What secret
What belief
What thing
Is so sacred
That it can’t
Be revisited

Has come
To define us
So deeply
That it is
Off limits
For discussion

What makes us
Walk around
So guarded

To let
Guards down

To let
Each other in

Sunday, May 17, 2015

You Don't Get To Know

You don’t
Get to know
What’s next

None of us do




Good Health
Rich friendships
Solid finances

We don’t get to know
And we can’t change
What’s coming

Not through prayer
Or good wishes
Or right living

What comes

What goes

And the story
Of our lives
Is written
As life unfolds

And we get to read it
As the ink is drying
And not
One moment

I See You

I want you to hear this

I want you to know
You are not invisible

I want you to know
I see your life

I see it

I see how the world deals you
Blow after blow
Time and again
And yet
You stand

And I want you to know
I admire
That kind
Of strength

I see also
When your legs give way
And you fall to the ground
And weep
For your losses

And I want you to know
I admire
That kind
Of honesty

I honor your life
As it is

I respect
Your journey

I don’t live
Your life
But I see clearly
The life
You have

I see
The hard choices
You make
Every day
Without help
To keep
Your world

I see the secrets
That you keep
To keep
The peace

I see your pain
I see your grace
I see your strength
I see your fierce will
I see you

You are not invisible

And I wanted
To make sure
You knew that

Sunday, May 10, 2015


I don’t know
That I’ll ever
Find home

That deep place
Of peace

That center
That kept me
And whole

Home was lost
A long while back

And I’ve been homeless
Ever since

This is why
I travel through life now
With everything
I own
On my back
And in my soul

To put it down

To let any of it
Touch the ground
Until I’m sure
The ground
That I’m on
Is solid

Until I’m sure
The ground
Is worthy enough
To hold
Any home
I rebuild


When things
To me
In this life

They happen
To me

In the very
Of ways

No tiny problems
Come my way

Only impossible
That repeat

No small fires
Smoldering and warm
Only infernos
That burn my life
To ashes

Nothing of
Small consequence
Only high stakes living
That could very well cost a life
I wish
Things happened
To me

But they don’t

Things happen
To me

And demand of me
Bigger still

Sunday, May 3, 2015

More Food

I need
More food
For my soul

Need to be filled
With the goodness
Of life

More sunshine
Fewer storms

Life is taking
More than it is giving

And the storms
Just don’t seem
To be ending

The door
That lets pain
Into my life
Has been widened

Requiring me
To work
So much harder
At living

Leaving me tired
And hungry
For peace

I need
More food
For my soul

I need this now

Maybe we all do

Leaning In

I’m tired
Of leaning in
To pain

Tired of looking
For the lessons in it

Tired of
Powering through

Leaning in
Is not working
For me

I think now
I’ll lean away

And see
If that works
Any better