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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Live Soft

When you've
Been hurt

And impossibly

It's hard
To trust

Hard to
Live soft


In this world

Hard to
Live soft

But please
Don't change
Who you are
Please still live soft
Please still live vulnerable
Please still live open

This hard world
Needs the gift
Of your softness

A rare gift
Borne of strength
Given to few

Not Scared

I know
That this
Is scary

I know
You are

I know
How much
This hurts

And what
I can tell you
Is this

I am here

I am not leaving

I am not scared

And I will walk
Beside you
Through this

Until we find
Both the peace
That has left
And the hope
That has hidden

I will walk
Step by step
Alongside you
Until we find
The way
Back home

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Things Gone Well

What brings
My heart
To tears

Is different
Than what
You’d think

It’s not


It’s simply
The shock 
Of things
Gone well

After a long time
Of things
Gone wrong

Hope Fire

Some mornings
I wake up
Feeling exposed
For all
That I'm not

Feeling small

In this big world

Aware that
My efforts
To ease

Life’s pain
Are hardly enough
Given what’s before me

Feeling foolish
For trying
To keep my hope fire

And when
Mornings like this

I offer still
My hardly enough efforts
And smoldering hope fire
To the world

Because really
What more
Can I do

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Sunday, May 8, 2016


I have stood
Face to face
Against fire
Nearly suffocated
In its
Hot blast

Held my ground
Though it tried to
Push me back

And that fire
Seared my body
But couldn’t
Burn up
My soul

I stood
Face to face
Against fire

And in the end
It was the fire
That backed down

Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Hand Experience

I used to
Seek God
Second hand

Structured studies
And weekly lectures
And widely accepted

And then
I would try
To make
What I had learned
Fit the circumstances
Of my life

And to be honest
It was
A forced fit
That never
Quite worked

I don’t try
So hard

I live
Immersed in
The circumstances
Of my life
And the lives
Of those
I love

And here
God is revealed
Clear as day

In everyone
And everything
I encounter
I find God now
First hand

In the lives
Of fellow travelers

In souls
Dancing free

In the sound
Of spring evenings
In the faces
Of my sisters

In every breathe

In the deep
Sweet peace
That is mine
Second hand theories
Beautifully replaced
With first hand
A gift
I wish
For us all

Too Short

I ate
A cookie
For breakfast

Not the healthiest
Of choices
I know
For a girl
With already
Too tight

But today
I was reminded
How fleeting
Life can be

Today I chose indulgence

Today I chose the cookie

Because today
Again I realized
That life
Is much
Too short