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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What I Will Do

I may not know much right now
About how my life will go
But I do know a bit about

I like music
I like to sing
I like to laugh
I like to read powerful stories
I like to hang out with my dog
I like me a nice glass of wine
I like myself actually
I like sitting still long enough for something important to come to mind
and then
I like to write about it

So if my life falls apart
And my husband turns crazy
And God is nowhere to be found
I don’t really know how I’ll make it through
But I do know that

I will still listen to music
I will still sing
I will still find a way to laugh
I will still read power
I will still hang out with my dog
I will still drink me some wine, just maybe more than before
I will still have myself
I will still sit still until something important comes to mind
and then
I will write about it

And that is exactly
What I will do
Until I figure out what else it is
I am supposed to do
To make it through