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Thursday, September 26, 2019

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone
In this world
Without the loved one
You’ve just lost
You are filled with her love
Surrounded by proof
Of the beautiful life
Lived together

Shaped by shared experiences

It feels lonely now
Having her with you differently

Learning to sense her presence
In new ways

Ways that once they happen
Might feel like
Oh yes, that makes sense
There you are

Thank you
For finding
A way to walk
With me here

I can’t yet
Walk with you

Start With Compassion

Whatever the topic
However important your point
Whatever your heartfelt belief

Be it about
The healthiest way to eat
Or the best person to vote for

If you don’t start
With compassion

If you devalue
Another human

If you mock

If you behave
In ways
We put our 4th graders
In time out for
If you are cruel

If you lack respect
And basic awareness
That another
Well thought out
But opposite opinion
Your words
Lose validity

Your well thought out opinion
Isn’t received

Words yelled back and forth
Never land

Mid air

I think
We can all
Do better

People Like Me

People like me
At attention
Intently listening

I’d like that too

People like me
To be there
For them

Even if
It robs me
Of being there
For me
People like me quiet
Yet as I age
I’m finding
That I have
A lot
To say

I’m finding
That I like me

And now that I’d like
To speak

I’m finding it hard
To find people
Who listen
Who offer attention
Who remain quiet

I’m finding it hard
To find people
Like me

Journeys On But Not Asked For

For the things
That break
Our spirits

For the way
Life goes

For journeys
On but not
Asked for

May peace
Still find you