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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Too Late

Sometimes I wonder
Is it too late
To be part of something

Too late
To link my life
To something

Too late
To do something

That leaves
This dark world

Than it
Could ever be
On its own

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Come What May

I’m getting a glimpse now
Into how it feels
To surrender
To what’s next

Weather wise
Life wise

Understanding more
What those people
Living in places
With constant hurricanes
Tornados and fires

Here it’s blizzard
After blizzard and
Let down
After let down

The constant threat
Of losing
Home as I know it
Life as I know it

I’ve done all
That can be done

At the mercy now
Of nature
Of fate

At the mercy now
Of life
Come what may

Sunday, February 8, 2015

How Life Goes

I wonder
If by
The end
Of life
All lives include
At least
One major

The loss of someone un-losable
A jagged detour into the world of disability
A tenuous walk along a financial tightrope
The betrayal of a friend

I wonder
If this is
How life goes

Or if
It’s just
How my life goes

And if other lives
Don’t go this way
I wonder
What it is exactly
That takes up their time
Consumes their thoughts
Keeps them up at night

I guess
I just wonder
How life is
When it’s not
Like mine

Quiet Soul

I am
A quiet soul
Easily wounded
Yet strong when I am
Able always
To move forward
Alone or with company
But often
And mostly
I must say

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Hard To Be Still

It’s hard to be still
To wait
To want answers
I have no way
Of getting

It’s hard to be still

But I will try

And in the meantime
I will be me
Make decisions from my core
And trust they are good enough
Because they come from a place within me
That is sincere
And means well