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Sunday, January 25, 2015

There Are Days

There are days
I wish
For a sign
That I’m living
This messy life

When a kind word
Would go
A long way

When it would help
To look beside me
And see someone
Stumbling right alongside

But I could wait
My whole life
For these things

So I will take
Small successes
As a sign

I will tell myself
Good job
Now and then

I will be
My own company

I will keep going
Until I can’t
Go anymore

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Did You Know

Did you know
Way back then
The years
That were ahead
For me

Could you see
What was coming

Did your heart break too
Days prior
When you witnessed
My carefree spirit
It was the last
You’d see
Of that
For a while

I sometimes wonder
If I would have wanted
To see
It coming

If I would have benefited
From some strong inner voice
Warning me
That something life changing
Was on my doorstep

Telling me
To brace myself
To get one last
Good laugh in
While I could

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Poor Me

So many
Hear about
His lost vision
His lost mind
His long road back
Which includes another
Detour through addiction
And think
Poor him

Fuck that

How about
Poor me
Who has had to be
Eyes for both
Mind for both
Liver of life for both
For so long

The one
To keep
This sinking boat
When all he does
Is fill it
With sand

The one
That’s watched him
Waste opportunities
Most others
Would kill for

Opting instead
For the comfort
Of self pity

Poor him
I don’t think so

It should be
Poor me

Keeping Confidences

Holding tight
The pain of another
Because that’s
What love

Knowing but not revealing
Someone else’s struggle
Because the story
Is still being written

Refusing to share stories
That have caused pain
Because the stories
Aren’t truly mine
To tell

Keeping confidences

A difficult endeavor
Heavy at times

But really
What choice
Do I have

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Her World Went Black

And once again
Her world went black

And the darkness
She feared most

But then
She remembered
All she had learned
In the dark

She remembered that she knew how to find light again

She remembered not to wait on others to give light

She remembered how to get the light back

So that’s exactly
What she did

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I wish
That life
Was a little
Less painful

Wish there were
More pockets
Of comfort

Wish there were
A few more

Wish there was
A way to get through
Less bruised

Wish that someone
Would round off
The edges

So the hurts
Wouldn’t hurt
Quite so much

New Year's

I don’t
Make promises
To life
On New Year’s

I don’t
Tell life
My plans
For the year

The goals I want to accomplish
The things I’d like to do
All my greatest hopes

Why do that
Why show my hand

When really
At this point
I think life
Should be making promises
To me

Think life
Maybe owes me
A little more

Think life
Must earn the right
To hear my dreams

And until then
I’ll just keep them
To myself