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Sunday, September 27, 2015

I Will Live

I will live
When my heart is heavy
And when it's full of light

I will own
The fullness
Of this life

I will own sunrises
And fatal diagnosis

Grace overflowing
And unspeakable cruelty

Loyal friends
And those who leave

Uncontainable joy
And shame that runs deep

I will take it all in
The whole of it

All the good
All the bad

I will breathe it in deep
And I will live

Sunday, September 20, 2015


I want to be respectful
Of the beliefs
Of my youth
And of those
Who still
Have them

I want to be respectful
Though my beliefs
Have changed
To hold my life

I want to be respectful
Of all those
Around me

And at the same time

This is

I want to
Be respectful
Of me

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Off We'd Go

I wish
Those who
Believed differently
Than me

Would see fit
To tell me that
Just once

Instead of
At every turn

With words
Or with
Their eyes

We meet

I wish
It was more
Like this

They would say
I believe this
And I would say
I believe a little differently
And then
Off we’d go
To dinner

Off we’d go
For a walk

Off we’d go
With beliefs
That differ

To simply
Our lives

I Need More

I know
The feeling

That comes
When someone says

I don’t
Go to church
Right now


I am
Finding God
My own way

I know
The feeling

I used
To be
That scared

When anyone
Believed differently
Than me

When anyone
Lived out
Their beliefs
In ways
That didn’t fit
My mold

I used to
Look at people
With that same
That people
Now give
To me

And I want to say
There is
No need
To be sad

Really am

We have
A shared faith
That I need more from
And you need less from

I need more

And I
Will continue
On this journey
Until I find it

Sunday, September 6, 2015


I am worthy
Of so very
Many things

Worthy of love
Worthy of joy
Worthy of mercy

Worthy of time
Worthy of true friendships
Worthy of beautiful experiences

Of being

I am worthy

Though the world
To tell me so

And what
Are you
Worthy of