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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Platinum Diamond Earrings

Platinum diamond earrings
At the beach
Worn just because
Despite the risk of losing
In the crashing waves

Which is why there was not shock
When the wave crashed
Knocked off a flimsy headband
And swiped an earring
Diamond platinum and all
Out to sea

Sitting on shore
Giggling at the odds
Unable to muster up anger
At a wave
For having such good taste

Looking at the remaining earring
Realizing that the waves
Would have more love for it
Than I ever did

Taking a final picture
Before releasing the 2nd earring
Diamond platinum and all
Into the sea

Such a relief
To experience
A loss that didn’t hurt a bit
A release that chose itself

Understanding now
That there was no pain because
The thing taken from me
       Was never that precious
And the thing released
       Was a relief to see go
Precious things held tightly
Like faith, or spouse, or the life you’ve built
Hurt badly
When they are taken

But it’s good to hold important things tightly
Because the tighter you have held them
The harder you will fight
To reclaim, or rescue, or rebuild them
Once they have gone
The loss of simple earrings
A few hundred dollars worth of metal and stone
Didn’t register hurt
Because they didn’t matter to me

No hurt

Though one was taken from me
And the other I let go