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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Used To

I used to mean it
When I sang it
Until I lived through
What it meant
Thanking God through pain
Praising God through storms
Works for little pains
Like splinters
And small
Not for the big stuff

He never let go
He will carry you
I just can’t sing
Those songs anymore
And mean them

God of the details
God of the still small voice
God who used to make Himself known
In the hard times
Where did you go?

God who can do
Whatever You will
God who does not need
My approval

It is Ok
That you don’t give
A quick fix
Or an easy road

But not Ok
That you hold back
The peace that you promise
When I know
I am worth that peace

Hard to understand
How you decide
What to allow
And how much to help

Tough to move forward
With You
When I can’t trust You
Or sing to You
Or love You
Like I used to