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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Not Allowed To Hate Me

You are not allowed to hate me
So why are you trying to break me
What are you trying to make me

If you were a security company
          I’d fire you
If you were a product
          I’d stop using you
If you were a person
          I’d quietly but definitely
          Write you off
          For good

I wouldn’t let you
Promise things
Then not deliver
Claim to be something
You weren’t
Be a sayer but not a doer

You are not allowed to hate me
But right now God
You are not very good
At loving me

I have such trouble
Making sense of

You love me
You promise me
But you don’t protect me

Am I supposed to be ok
That you can help me
But won’t

Am I supposed to accept
And move past
Or do I
Get to understand

Why are the goals we have for me
So different
Constantly stealing my joy
Smashing down the things
I am working so hard
To rebuild

Technically You don’t do these things
You just allow them
Which I think
Is just as bad

You don’t restore what has been taken
Holidays, birthdays,
Vacations, anniversaries
Sleep, peace of mind

You use my life
To feed the locusts

I would respect You more God
If You just said
I love you
I am going to allow you to be hurt bad
When you are hurt, I won’t help you
But I’ll see you on the other side
Or I won’t see you on the other side
Whatever the truth is
I could respect that
But I can’t respect

You are not allowed to hate me
But I can’t figure out
What this is

I am honest with You God
So I guess now
I am just looking
For some honesty
From You