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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

There Were So Many Loving People

There were so many loving people
Who showed up
And stood beside me

Gave up time, tears, and resources
Worked behind the scenes to smooth messes
Made it their problem
When it was not

Listened without judging
Offered gentle kindnesses
That got me through the next minute, and hour, and day
Every day for months

Celebrated the smallest successes
Felt my losses
And made them their own
Invited me into life
Though I had nothing much to offer in return

Who said, come as you are, no judgment here
Who breathed in and out with me
Who checked in consistently
Knowing I had no good news to report
But wanting to hear it anyway

Providing much appreciated support
But not relief
Witnessing with me life unraveling
But having no power to change it
Only one could provide relief
Only one could change things

I wanted Him to come and end it
Or at least tell me He was in it

I didn’t really get that
For a while

So thank you for the people
I love them and know you sent them
But what I really needed God
Was You