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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I think
There is a difference between
Disappointment with a situation and
Disappointment with God

This situation has disappointed me
This situation has made me sad
This situation has broken my heart


God has disappointed me
God has failed me
God has broken my heart

Maybe it’s a matter of interpretation
Or pain tolerance
What disappointments me
May not phase you

Maybe it’s a flawed
That no matter the disappointment
God is close

Maybe it really is that
Some things
Are too precious
To be messed with

And when they are messed with
Disappointment with the situation
Is a flickering flame
But disappointment with God for allowing the situation
Is an inferno

Maybe it is too much to ask
Of a person
To watch a happy whole life
Turn sad and broken

Maybe if God didn’t make me human
I wouldn’t be so disappointed
In the situation
And in Him

But He did
So I am
Go figure