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Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Miracles are not
Snap your fingers and
Life is better
Sickness is healed
Happiness is restored

Miracles are
You are still alive
When you feel dead

Miracles are
One more idea
When the idea well is dry

Miracles are
Not dying from
Exhaustion or hopelessness

Miracles are
Having any shred of faith left
When all you have known
Is gone

Miracles are
A spark of hope
In the darkness of odds
That don’t hold much promise

Miracles are
The single breath you get to take
When you burst to the surface for air
Just before going under again

Miracles are
Temporary relief from pain
A little company on a lonely road

Miracles are
Improving more than people thought
Doing better but not doing well
Being okay though okay is not whole

Miracles are
Small breaks of laughter
That tell the pain to
Go to hell

Miracles are
Monday picnics
Pretty skies and
Inspiring teabags

Miracles are
That anyone is left in your life
When you’ve spent them all up
With your pain

Miracles are
Different than happy endings
Or resolution
Or enough for the long haul

Miracles are
Nothing like
I thought
They were

Miracles are
A damn lot
Of work