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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lonely Grief Journey

Lonely grief journey
Pushing us apart

One with
A suffocating grip
On his beliefs
Unable to risk letting go

The other letting it all unravel
Slowly sifting through
Seeing if there is anything left
Worth keeping

One holding on
One letting go

Easier for him right now
To cling to the words You said
Years ago
Than to think about the life ahead now

Easier for me right now
To see beauty in Your creation
Than to see the beauty
In You

He clinging to the Bible
Me to beauty
He focused on understanding
Me on authenticity

Wonder if we will end up
Anywhere close to the same place
When we are done

Lonely grief journey
Pushing us apart

You are not very fun
There is not much company
And you make for terrible party

But like all journeys
Someday you will end
You have to

I just hope
That when you end
We don’t