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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Living The Questions Well

What’s the worst
That can come from
Reexamining faith
Looking again
Looking deeper

Will we fall off
Christian mountain

Maybe that is a good thing
Maybe we should just jump

Why so much
Black and white
In this world full of gray
In this world full of color

The opposite of absolute
Doesn’t have to be chaos

The opposite of certainty
Doesn’t have to be lord of the flies

Am I crazy to think
Holy middle ground exists
That is wide open
That fits many people comfortably

And that we will never get close to it
If questions aren’t allowed

Because questions look
A little too much
Like doubt

And doubt
Is not

And questions
Are not

Is this why
We only let in questions
That actually
Have answers
Or that lead to
The same answers

Trouble is
I need all the questions
The easy ones
The ones we disagree on
The ones without answers

And sometimes I think
The very best answer
To all these questions is
I just don’t know

Can we live with
I just don’t know

Can we move forward with
This is my best guess

I can
I do
And it’s really kind of nice

That in the midst
Of the search
For answers
There is a quiet sort
Of beauty in
Living the questions well