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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Good Name

Call me prideful
But reputation
A good name
Matters to me

I really miss
Being known as

A solid couple
Strong in adversity
Happy in spite of pain

Instead of

A shattered couple
Buried under adversity
In pain in the midst of pain

Actually I really miss
Being those things
More so than having people think
We were
Those things

Maybe we are
Still pieces of those things
But it doesn’t feel good

It was so easy before
Just part of who we were
No effort needed

You don’t get back
That solid couple reputation
After stuff like this happens
Not like before

Nice couple but did you hear….
Good people but remember when…

That is
Really hard
For me

Probably no one remembers
Or cares
But I remember
And care

Makes me wish
Everybody’s worst moments
Were so public

And thoughts like that
Wishing everybody
A fair share of public humiliation
So I won’t be the only one

Are really kind of mean
Just another
Pleasant byproduct  
Of a year
Like this